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Weekly activities



Nada Yoga

NADA YOGA, a way to discover the Voice of the Soul With Gian Antonio Fabris Sound Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition passed down orally from teacher to student for millennia. In our lessons, we will practice the basics of [...]

Ayurveg, vegetarian ayurvedic cuisine

Starting in October 2020 WITH GIADA TALIN AND SIMONE FOSSI Introducing Ayurveda into our diet: discovering the use of spices and creating a balance between flavors. Cooking tasty Ayurvedic and vegetarian dishes to put on the table every day! Info [...]

Kirtian and Bhajank

Bhajan and Kirtan are devotional songs of from India, generally composed in Sanskrit, which have the power to create internal vibrations leading to a spontaneous state of joy and devotion. The repertoire has been collected over the years in different [...]


Open days to share information about Ayurveda

Indian Dance and Music Shows


Guided meditation sessions

Bandhara: traditional celebration

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