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Royal Ksheerabala Thailam


Ksheera in Sanskrit “milk” according to Ayurveda is a sweet, cooling, nourishing substance that enhances Ojas, the vital essence.

Royal Ksheerabala Thailam combines the nourishing qualities of sesame oil with the freshness and sweetness of milk. It makes the skin particularly soft, smooth and radiant.

The Sahashrayogam, a very famous text on the Ayurveda tradition of Kerala, indicates that the Ksheerabala thailam is useful for all 80 Vata imbalances.



Ksheerabala thailam is generally indicated for the conditions of stress and imbalances related to it; has anti-inflammatory properties, used for arthritis, joint pain in general.

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Sesamum indicum seed oil, Sida Rhombifolia Extract, Lac.

Doshas action

Very useful in balancing the alteration of both VATA and PITTA.


Sarvabhyanga and Shirodhara, Also useful for basti and nasya.

How to use

For Shirodhara we recommend an amount of 500/600 ml., Massage the whole body or only the affected part with an adequate amount of warm oil. For a complete body massage use 120 to 200 ml of product.


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