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Ayu Rasayana


Natural antioxidant, promotes longevity.


It is a rejuvenating tonic for all ages and is particularly suitable for older people. It promotes the efficiency of organs and their innate health.

The use of Rasayana herbs (rejuvenating tonic) is mentioned in Ayurvedic medicine texts for their ability to promote longevity, cell vitality and the well-being of the immune system.

Rasayana herbs, according to traditional Indian medicine, nourish all 7 tissues (dhatu Sapta Vardhak), promote ojas (the thinnest essence of all 7 tissues in our body) and strengthen the micro-circulatory capacity of the body by facilitating the bio-availability of nutrients in the tissues. In addition, the synergy of the plants of this formula promotes the regular functionality of the cardiovascular system.

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Estratto secco di: Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica L.) fructus. Polvere di: Asparago (Asparagus recemosus Willd.) radix, Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa (Willd.) DC.) rhizoma, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula Retz.) fructus. Estratto secco di: Seme di uva (Vitis vinifera L.) semen, Melograno (Punica granatum L.) fructus. Polvere di: Pepe lungo (Piper longum L.) fructus.
Polvere di: Ossido di zinco, Fumarato ferroso, Solfato rameico.

Modalità d'uso

Take 1 tablet twice a day with plenty of warm water near meals. We recommend taking it for a period of 2/3 months.



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