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Dear reader, Ayurveda is much more than a complementary medicine from which to draw natural remedies rather than conventional ones: it is also a lifestyle based on ancient knowledge. Thanks to proper nutrition and a Lifestyle adapted to the circumstances, and simple food supplements, more than half of our patients are able to achieve significant improvements in their health, without resorting to real “drugs”. For this reason, we invite you to do an ayurvedic consultation with our expert Naturopath as first step. The consultation will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the ayurvedic rebalancing approach based on your present condition.
This consultation can take place at our Office in Florence or via Skype.
The Naturopath will then suggest a visit with the doctor if necessary and/or to treat any pathology. In this case, select “naturopathy”. Otherwise, you can book a medical visit directly by selecting the “medical visit” box.


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    Upcoming visits with Dr. Ariele Fabris, internist doctor, Ayurveda expert:
    July 2020
    Upcoming visits with Dr. Brincivalli, surgeon specialized in Ayurveda:
    JUly 2020
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    Ayurveda and Internal Medicine


    Dr. Fabris explains what can be reasons for requesting an ayurvedic visit with our specialists at the Ayurveda International Academy.

    Ayurveda is the ancient traditional medicine of India. Born at least two millennia ago, it is still the main medical system of the subcontinent. It is a natural medicine, low in side effects, ethical, and still relatively free from industrial manipulation.

    From a clinical point of view, Ayurveda offers an effective complementary therapeutic approach based on life coaching, phytotherapy and massage.

    To the field of Internal Medicine, Ayurveda makes a very interesting contribution by studying the slowing down of the aging process, up to the rejuvenation of tissues. This concept is absent in modern medicine.

    Just as the body ages prematurely following a disharmonious lifestyle, it ages more slowly or rejuvenates following an appropriate lifestyle.

    Thus, tissue rejuvenation is the core of ayurvedic treatment, which, as my first Ayurveda teacher used to say, deals with the field and not the seed. If the seed of disease falls on the resilient field of a healthy body, the disease will not sprout. Conversely, if the seed falls on a weakened field, it is possible to cure the disease by targeting it with drugs, but these will also affect the field while eliminating the seed. Ayurveda neglects the seed, but nourishes the field, to make it more resistant to disease.

    The combined use of the two approaches is therefore the most convenient.