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Counseling Sessions

Counseling Sessions

Personal growth and research

Counseling sessions are precious at different times in one’s life. When facing particularly delicate and difficult situations, it is very useful to have the support of a professional. Counselling is also helpful, when the need kicks in to take stock of one’s progress in Life and make changes to move forward in the path.

There are existential times when new tendencies and needs emerge. Listening and understanding such needs benefits from a helping relationship that is external to one’s circle of family and friends, who often can be reluctant to see the new requests expressed by the individual.

A particularity of the counseling sessions led by Letizia Vercellotti is the original approach called Ayurpsico®, in which Ayurveda, Yoga and Psychosynthesis converge.

The focus is on the psychological dynamics in the game of consciousness that embraces body, mind and soul.