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Ayurvedic treatment


All Ayurvedic Purva Karma treatments are useful to:
  • Maintain good health and promote longevity
  • Heal nerve imbalances such as sleep disturbances, mood disorders, stress and anxiety
  • Prevent and cure physical pain
  • Maintain muscle tone and body wellbeing while promoting physical vigor
  • Dissolve muscle and joint pain of inflammatory or degenerative origin
  • Heal back pain
  • Mitigate skin problems (dry and stressed skin, oily,  cellulite)
  • Counteract the formation of wrinkles
  • Counteract baldness and premature graying
Information on treatments and massages

Gian Antonio Fabris – Physiotherapist and massage theraphist

cel. 335 8111133

Ayurveda International Academy uses oils produced in India in compliance with the Ayurvedic tradition, compliant with the C.E. imported from the Ayurveda Italy of G.A. Fabris for all treatments.