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Ayurvedic Medical visits


Director of the Nagarjuna Center in Kalady in Kerala- India

Dr. K. Krishnan Namboodiri, born in a family with Ayurvedic and Vedic tradition .

He has learned Vedas from his father from the age of 5 .

He became a scholar in Sanskrit, Vedas, Ayurveda and Spiritual Rituals, in the traditional

way from his father.

He has successfully completed the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery-B.A.M.S.

(Ayurveda Acharya) from Coimbatore Ayurveda College as 5th Batch (from 1982 to 89).

From 2002 to 2018 he traveled to various European and non-European countries to spread Ayurveda in all its aspects with his brilliant enthusiasm.

His advice, like his teachings, have always been based on a deep knowledge of the subject combined with a sincere love for the transmission of knowledge itself. This makes his medical visits so special.

As a traditional Vaidya, in addition to suggesting useful remedies, he attaches great importance to lifestyle and correct nutrition, cornerstones of the healing process in Ayurveda.

The collaboration between Dr KKN and Letizia Vercellotti is long-standing and combines their mutual intuitive affinities which together make Ayurvedic counseling completely complete, harmoniously intertwining the medical aspect with the psychological one, the Eastern tradition with its applicability in the West.

This advice is very effective in the online mode given the great experience of both conductors and their remarkable professional harmony.

The visit is then followed by an accurate accompaniment to the treatment that eliminates any distance, thanks to the full availability of both professionals via email.

Information and booking

During the consultation, the ayurvedic Doctor utilizes the technique called “nadi pariksa” or examination of the wrist. This is the traditional specific diagnostic method of Ayurveda. It allows identifying of the imbalances in the three doshas or energy states that regulate the person’s health.

Following the examinations, the Doctor provides all necessary indications to restore the psychophysical balance according to this traditional science of life.