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The first Medical Office in Florence entirely dedicated to Internal Medicine and Complementary Ayurvedic Medicine providing you with specialized, natural and holistic assistance.

Ayurveda International Academy Founder, Ayurvedic Naturopath, MSc in Psychology, Psychosynthesis Counselor and Ayurpsico® Founder
  •  Naturopath with over twenty years of experience
  • Counselor in Psychosynthesis and Ayurpsico
  • Ayurveda International Academy Director
  • Author of a best-selling book about Ayurveda

Languages: Italian and English

Physiotherapist and Massage therapist, Ayurveda Specialist, Purva Karma Technique Instructor, Nada Yoga Expert
  • Physiotherapist and Massage therapist with over 10 years of experience in Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic treatments instructorLanguages : Italian and English

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Specialist in Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine, Expert in Ayurveda, Visiting Professor at AIA
  • Medical Doctor
  • Internal Medicine expert
  • Emergency Medicine expert
  • Expert in Ayurveda

Languages : Italian, English and German

Medico Chirurgo, Esperto in Ayurveda
  • Medical Doctor
  • Expert in Ayurveda

Languages: Italian and English


We offer counselling sessions in ayurvedic naturopathy & Ayurpsico® with Letizia and medical visits with Ariele, our internist Doctor specialised in Ayurveda.
We also collaborate with Doctor G. Brincivalli, Doctor K.Namboodiri, Doctor Lalita Navanish e other medical Doctors.
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