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Counseling Sessions


Counseling Sessions

They are considered short helping relationships.

Counseling sessions are precious in different moments of our life, both during particularly difficult and delicate times when we must face new or old challenges, as well as, when we feel the need to take stock of our life .

There are times in our life in which we feel new needs and inclinations and we may need professional help to understand and clarify these new driving forces .

During their sessions, counsellors help clients consider issues from different points of view to discover new possibilities for change.

The free and authentic relationship between the counselor and her clients foster inner force and regeneration. Self-determination, independence, proactivity, spontaneity, authenticity and simplicity are wisely encouraged during the sessions.

Who is the Counselor

Counselor is an English word for “consulo” meaning taking care.

It is a professional figure who supports you for a short period of your life, accompanying you across the fog, woods, and sunny lands… she says good bye in front of a river flowing serenely towards the great sea.

Specific peculiarities of the Ayurpsico® way

Ayurpsico® counseling, created by Letizia Vercellotti, is a method composed by Ayurveda,Yoga and Psychosynthesis.

This approach encompasses all human levels: the physical, psychological and existential one.

Basic motivation to seek Counseling

A need to understand your inner self and its demands beyond conditioning and with the support of a non-judgmental, trustworthy professional figure.

Common motivations

Challenging times in your life : moving, family or job problems, marriage, divorce, retirement, mourning, change of job, end of a relation, physiological transition of age…

Counseling support during covid emergency

The pandemic is generating widespread psychological uneasiness.

It brought about a sudden change of habits and life plans, which was experienced with astonishment at first and eventually with pain.

Imposed isolation and freedom limitations have made us face an emotional instability we have never experienced before.

Family and friend relationships have changed deeply, making us feel too distant or too close to one another.

Some of us have suddenly lost dear ones.

Everyday life has new rhythms and habits.

Who am I in this contest? Where am I going?

What are my important values, I would like to care for, in this widespread uncertainty?


Be listened to without any personal judgement or interference.

Observe yourself with compassion and get in touch with the inner and not often very well known parts of yourself.

Allow yourself freedom of expression within a safe relationship.

Attain clarity of mind and feelings.

Be at ease with yourself and other people.

Find new stimulus and new points of view.

Reach a personal balance …and many other goals…

Times and format of Counseling sessions

These sessions are short helping relationships so in the first two meetings we agree on their total number .

Every session lasts one hour. It is online on zoom or, as a second choice, on whatsapp or skype.

Difference between Counseling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a healing process of the traumas that have disrupted psychological health.

The Counselling process is aimed at the healthy and creative parts of our mind enhancing our talents and qualities.

Its goal is helping people reset their life according to their present needs, so they may live in peace and be free of past negativities.

Letizia Vercellotti has a university degree in Psychology and the title of personal Counselor ( SIPT).

She studied at the Istituto di Psicosintesi di Firenze, where she became Group Counselor and funded the Ayurpsico® method.

Tireless researcher of the meaning of life, curious observer of the human being; she embraces empathetically the personal research of the patient and offers, with enthusiasm and strength, her knowledge of many years of study and professional experience.

Her advice , guided by a vivacious and observant intuition, is a kind of “service voucher” with which we can restore a good functioning of our mind and body “machine”.