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Ayurveda elba center 2021

Come and visit us at Elba's Island

Come and visit us to finally feel calm and quiet, to take a ``psycho-spiritual`` holiday, to receive unforgettable massages, to rest your mind in silence, to enjoy the magic of the island. There are experiences that trigger a profound change in joy and serenity.

Where we are

The founders of the AIA reside in a characteristic Elban farmhouse surrounded by the nature of the Mediterranean bush. Here, in addition to carrying out their professional activities, they carry on their inner search that began in India in the 1980s. It is natural for them to share moments of daily practice with anyone who is sincerely attracted to them. Ayurveda as a knowledge of Life is shared as the main path to the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

our 2021 summer proposals

Ayurveda wellness weeks

``Tagliando Ayurvedico``

Ayurvedic consultancy

Silence Retreats

Ayurvedic treatments

Counseling interviews

Ayurveda classes and Ayurvedic massage classes on request


Morning Meditation and Evening Meditation with songs and bhajans

Who we are

Ayurveda Naturopath, Dr In Psychology, Counselor Ayurpsico®

Physiotherapist, Ayurveda Therapist



335 8111133 – 339 8767428

The breath of nature, the breath of health