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With great pleasure we inform you that the next day of visits with dr. Giovanni Brincivalli, is on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

info and appointment Gian Antonio Fabris 335 8111133 – 055 2336451

gianantoniofabris@gmail.com  info@ayurvedainternationalacademy.com

The Ayurveda International Academy is a center where Ayurvedic Tradition comes to life through a varied series of activities: from training courses, to treatments, to consultancy, to specialist seminars and recreational and sharing activities.

Reflections on the health emergency of COVID-19

The perception of us and others in the coronavirus emergency

At the Academy we offer a naturopathic consultancy service or counseling with Letizia and medical visits with our internist specialized in Ayurveda, Ariele and Indian Ayurvedic doctors.

We offer treatments and massages in keeping with ancient traditions and suited to personal needs. Quiet and intimate environment, professionalism and passion of our massage therapist, Gian Antonio and our operators.

For years the Academy has been passionately carrying out courses at different levels and on the different aspects of the Ayurvedic Tradition. Here you can find courses of holistic operator and naturopathy.

The Academy is also a center for spreading the knowledge of Ayurvedic Tradition through various activities: social, cultural and spiritual. It is open for meditation meetings, Indian songs, holidays and various events.

In addition to the multi-year courses, the Academy periodically offers seminar and short courses on specific aspects, such as nutrition, ayurveda and yoga and much more.

Our 2020/2021 training proposals

Registration open
START 9-10 January 2021

start January 2021
Registration open
START january, 2021
Registration open
start 2021

Trips to India

The Ayurveda International Academy organizes itineraries of different nature and different destinations to get to know India and get in touch with its millenary cultural and spiritual tradition.

Amazing trip to India

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